Herbal Medicine & ANTARA CBD Organics

Herbal Medicine

Our goal is to balance the body naturally, without chemical drugs or toxic side effects. The purest Chinese herbal formulas, free of contaminants or heavy metals,  and superior supplements by Designs for Health and Microbiome labs are often recommended in Acupuncture sessions.  Mother Nature already gave us what we needed for health.  Combined with conscious healthy food choices, health and wellness can be yours!


ANTARA Organics CBD Wellness Products are pure, potent, high-quality CBD formulas can provide the best in CBD luxury skincare and balance for the body and mind.  Clean, organic, sustainable ingredients, environmentally friendly packaging, and vegan and cruelty-free formulas.

All booked CBD  massage services receive 10% off CBD Retail products.

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CBD Pain Relief Balm 800mg: $115

Skin Restore Balm: $78

Vitality Stress Elixer:  500mg: $88 | 1500mg: $153

CBD Bath Truffle 100mg: $19